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BLOG: V2 "Toasters" collab with ONE7SIX & WHITE PHOSPHOR will be on 5/12 @ 5pm EST (only available here on the WTKN site)

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This will be a limited Pre-Order, however we have upped our quantities a ton for this drop. All “toasters” come clear anodized and tatted (laser engraved). 

Just like last year, y’all will be able to choose your preferred serial number if you’re quick enough to snag them. The only difference between the “toaster” seen above and your “toaster” will be the serial numbers along with a randomized O7S, WP, or WTKN logo on the top above the charging handle. So some will have an O7S logo, some a WP logo, and some a WTKN logo. 

Turnaround times will be around 12-16 weeks.

The "toasters" come with an EXCLUSIVE T & SLAP. We won't be revealing the Ts or the Slaps at all, and the only way to get them is if you snag a "toaster". You will have an option at checkout to select your size for your T, and a sizing chart for the T will also be available. 

These "toasters" are our own, stamped and all. We've done our homework on them and can assure you they are a quality product that all of us have properly tested and believe in. I've been personally running one of these myself for a while now and will continue to. 

This has been in the works for a while and we are excited to get you something that is truly our own from the ground up. Doing it with the homies is just the added bonus.

Fuck All Y'all




Shipping limitations? US only. All 50 states. Shipped to your door and/or PO Box.

Payment options? Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and ApplePay.

Are the graphics on the toasters all the same or random? As mentioned above, they are all the same aside from your serial numbers and the randomized logo placed above the charging handles.

How does choosing your serial number work? When adding to your cart, you will have two dropdown tabs available. One to choose your first number set (hundreds digit), and the other tab to choose your second number set (tens and ones digits). For example, if you picked "04" in the first dropdown, and "20" in the second dropdown, your serial number would be "0420". 

Does limited pre-order mean limited time? No. It means there is a set/limited amount available. Once they're gone, the pre-order will be done.

Can I pick the logo above my charging handle? No.

Can I choose my color "toaster"? No, clear anodized will be the only option.

I typed in my address wrong, can you fix it? Email customer service at with your order number and corrected address. Please note, we can only adjust addresses before the item has shipped. 

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